Here you will find articles about the Kyle of Sutherland communities’ way of living, values and suggestions on what to do in your spare time.

Uncut Gems

Release date: 2019 
| Country: USA 
Running time: 135 min
| Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller 
Directors: Benny & Josh Safdie 
Starring: Adam …

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The changing seasons brings the promise of new life as nature follows the way it was designed to be As I write this the tail …

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Sorry We Missed You

Ken Loach’s latest tour de force is a tragic critique on “zero-hour” contracts and their devastating effects on normal, everyday people.

Light and darkness

“An invitation to follow Jesus is an invitation to escape from darkness” by John Mann, Elder, Bonar Bridge & Lairg Free Church. Church services in the area.

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