Amazing “normal”

Maybe there will be some aspects of our lockdown lives that we will want to keep

At the beginning of June, seeing things getting back to normal seems something extraordinary. Perhaps we are all realising we got used to lockdown life. The arts have kept us going, whether a good book, a film or TV series – if you don’t know what to read or watch next, check Liz Treacher’s and Jack Weir’s reviews. We have an interesting interview with artists Inger & Ingebjorg Smith, and in this issue there are more local artists announcing exhibitions, look out for their adverts. Or perhaps your lockdown life includes gardening –Tips for wildlife gardening by Jean Wilkinson– or bird watching –The lure of the falcons by Ashley Smith–. We celebrate the reopening of The Hub and the planned opening of the Bradbury Centre, Lairg Learning Centre, Ardgay Hall, and all of our churches. Depopulation is a long-standing issue in Sutherland. 300 years ago, George Dempster tried to keep people in the land by building a cotton mill in Spinningdale. Russell Smith explains how crofting may help today. We learn about the rich history of Loch Migdale, spanning over 4,000 years, and how the mighty midges stopped a train at Invershin.

by Silvia Muras, Editor

Last Updated on 10 June, 2021 by Kyle Chronicle

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