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Plans are finally under way to introduce a speed limit in the Ardgay-Bonar straight.

AGM: The 2021 AGM of Ardgay & District Community Council was held in June. Office bearers were re-elected to serve another year: Betty Wright, Chairperson; Silvia Muras, Vice-chairperson; Marion Turner, Secretary; John Denniston, Treasurer, and Anna McInnes, minutes Secretary. We also unanimously agreed to co-opt anna McInnes to be a member of the CC.

Flower tubs: The well-used whisky barrel planters in the village were very much past their best and have been replaced by a couple of recycled plastic tubs. Although these are pricey, they are very long lasting and maintenance free. We will explore the possibility of expanding the display for next year.

Bonar – Ardgay straight: Representatives from Ardgay & District and Creich CCs met on-site with Tracey Urry, Highland Council Roads Manager. Tracey was able to experience for herself how unpleasant it can be to walk between our two villages, and certainly not safe for unaccompanied children. The matter was discussed at the Sutherland County Committee in August, when a proposal was put forward by THC to extend the 30 mph zone beyond The Hub and Ardgay Game, and to introduce a 50 mph limit on the remaining stretch. We had been asking for a continuous 30 mph to enable pedestrians and cyclists to travel safely along the road. All six Sutherland councillors supported this approach, but the council officials were limited in what they could propose by the 1984 Road Traffic Act. This does not reflect the current approach by Scottish Government or The Highland Council towards encouraging active travel. All concerned will review the approach taken by officials and reconsider at their next meeting. The original proposal will remain on the table.

Pure Leisure Gledfield Development proposals: A&DCC submitted comments re proposed development as part of the pre-application consultation. We welcomed the possibility of local jobs – particularly if these were geared towards a career in hospitality–, the potential use of the swimming pool and restaurant by local people, and asked for more information re carbon neutrality, road safety, water supply, sewage arrangements and protection of core paths.

Climate Change: This is a standing item on our agenda. Why is this relevant to A&DCC? There is little impact we as individuals can have, but we can send a message to our politicians at all levels that they should be making decisions through the lens of climate emergency.

Future meetings: The Highland Council has advised to continue to meet online, and this may well be the case through the autumn and winter. Our next meetings will be 8th November and 13th December via zoom. An invite can be requested from

by Betty Wright, Chairperson

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