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Croick Church. © Gregor Laing

Croick Church, with its connection to the Clearances in the mid-19th century, has had many visitors from all round the world for many years. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus restrictions, we have had to keep the building closed. Hopefully this will not last for much longer and we will be able to welcome visitors once again. It has not been possible to open for the normal monthly services there yet, but the good news is that everyone is welcome when we will open for worship on 18th July and for the annual Communion Service on 15th August.

In 1842, 15 years after the building of the church, a rather fine pewter Communion set consisting of a goblet, plate and flagon was commissioned. It’s a mystery how this turned up when a private collection was sold at auction recently. Anyone able to throw light on how it got down to Lincolnshire? The person that bought it has offered it back to us for the price he paid and we need to raise approximately £700 to do this. It will be so good to have this important piece of our history back where it belongs and being used. If you have any connection with the families who were cleared from Croick and who probably contributed to the original purchase we would love to hear from you. Donations towards having the set back home will be gratefully received. The Treasurer, Rev Hilary Gardener, Cayman Lodge, Kincardine Hill, IV24 3DJ will be happy to receive a cheque or cash, or contact her for the bank details if you would prefer to use bank transfer.

Services in Ardgay church are, for the moment, on the first Sunday of each month. We are really looking forward to being able to welcome folk we haven’t been able to meet for a while and being able to open the church every Sunday when restrictions are eased.

In the meantime, although the buildings have restricted opening or numbers permitted by government guidelines, we want to assure you that all the usual services of a Minister are always available and the Session Clerk can be contacted directly for more information or pastoral visits that may be required.

While we are in a vacancy, the Interim Moderator for this congregation and those of Creich and Rosehall, the Rev Dr John Sterrett, will arrange cover for any services which are required such as weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Thanks go to all the folk in our communities who have worked so hard over the past months to help in so many ways to make life easier for those around. Your work goes unsung to a large extent but is greatly appreciated. I hope the relaxation of restrictions is helping everyone feel more connected to each other and enjoying contact with family and friends that we have all missed so much for so long.

I wish you every blessing as we look forward to the summer and hoping for better weather!

by Rev Mary Stobo, Session Clerk Kyle of Sutherland Churches

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