Happy memories of summers in Ardgay

Neil Anderson shares his memories of the places and the people he met in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s Ardgay. His family had links both to South Bonar and the Balnagown Arms Hotel.

My name is William Neil Anderson and I am the last Anderson who had any connection with South Bonar at Bonar Bridge and the Balnagown Arms Hotel at Ardgay.

I was four years old when first taken to. . .

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1 thought on “Happy memories of summers in Ardgay”

  1. Alexina Hands

    I wonder if you can remember a girl called Agnes Anderson?
    She was my mother and I know very little about her past other than she live in a Croft in Ardgay , I think she then moved to Dingwall
    Alix Hands

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