Sorry We Missed You

Still shot of Sorry we missed you. © Zeitgeist Films

Release date: 2019 | Country: UK – France – Belgium | Running time: 101 min | Genre(s): Drama | Director: Ken Loach | Starring: Debbie Honeywood, Kris Hitchen, Rhys Stone | BBFC 15

Ken Loach’s latest tour de force is a tragic critique on “zero-hour” contracts and their devastating effects on normal, everyday people.

Sorry We Missed You explores the lives of Ricky and Abbie Turner, loving parents struggling to support their children, who resort to self-employment through gig economy in order to survive. The performances in this film were excellent; given with aching humanity to make the family dynamic entirely believable from start to finish. The fact that the majority of the cast were performing their first acting roles in this film gave further authenticity to their characters.

I was relatively unfamiliar with Ken Loach’s work before seeing this film, unsure of the reason for his prestige. After watching this film, I came to appreciate immensely the director’s place in the industry. His addressing of very real issues faced by working class people in his filmography is something accredited to no other contemporary director. The effect of this film was breath-taking.

At the showing I attended, gasps erupted throughout the audience as the credits began rolling, one of them from myself. This powerful film left me upset, unhappy and outraged; and I would absolutely recommend it to everyone. I was massively humbled by this film, and felt that I’d learned a lot about the hardship faced by many working class families through its genuine, honest portrayal of their lives.

In conclusion, Sorry We Missed You is a beautiful and important film informing the world on the monstrous exploitation of zero-hour contracts.

by Jack Weir

Jack Weir is the winner of the Kyle Chronicle Best Film Review competition 2019

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