Carn Bren Publishing, established in 2019, is a Sutherland-based small publishing company creating quality local magazines and books with a Highland theme.

Carn Bren Publishing

We are the proud publishers of KYLE CHRONICLE, the first independent news magazine for the communities of the Kyle of Sutherland. 

We are always looking for fresh takes on local history and travel books showcasing the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Highlands of Scotland. We are currently accepting manuscripts. If you think you have a project that would fit this description, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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Submission guidelines

We are currently looking for manuscripts with the following features:
  • Highland / Scottish theme
  • Cultural or natural heritage
  • Fresh take or original point of view
  • Well referenced research
If you have written or if you intend to write a book that fits nicely this description, please send us a brief summary, between 600 and 1,000 words long. We will get back to you with a decision on whether to invite you to have a pre-contract conversation. As a young small publishing company, we would like to work with authors, not agents, and we don’t offer cash advances, but we are happy to negotiate generous commissions. Please send us a message to this address  We are looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Silvia Muras, editor

Our books


by W.A.M. MacKenzie

I was born a few days before the outbreak of the Second World War, but it was near the end of the war that I became aware of the world around me.

We –my Mother, siblings and I– were staying with my Grandad in Proncy beside Dornoch. Our father, who I did not recall at that time, was away in the Army.

Great excitement resulted from a letter from this absent stranger in which he forecast that the war was nearly over, he would be returning and we would all go home.

“Home!” All the family exclaimed with joy but I didn’t join in. Instead I looked up from my place on his lap into Grandad’s face and asked “Where’s Home?”


Paperback, 200 pages. 
Published by Carn Bren Publishing, August 2020.
ISBN: 1838118306
RRP: £12

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