An amazing journey

We started to work on 
this magazine for the 
communities of the 
Kyle of Sutherland about a year ago.

I am delighted to present this first edition of Kyle Chronicle. It has been an amazing and inspiring year-long journey to come to this point. A big thank you to all the people who have helped bring this exciting project to life: firstly to our funders the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust and local Community Councils Creich and Ardgay & District, but no less to all the people who -through advertising, contributions, or offers to voluntarily distribute hard copies- are making this new magazine possible.

There are exciting sections such as the Book and Film Reviews; the Kids’ Chronicle, a supplement on the central pages created for and by local children; local news; articles on wildlife and heritage matters; a guide to events in the area; and quite a few pages with useful telephone numbers and opening times.

This Winter edition we take a stance towards supporting our local businesses with our shopping pages showcasing great local food and gift ideas you can buy locally. I hope you will enjoy reading the Kyle Chronicle.

by Silvia Muras, Editor

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