Our communities are very active – there are so many projects and activities to look forward to this winter

I am very happy to present an issue packed full of contributions from groups that are back running events after the Covid hiatus. This issue’s cover features some of the people behind organisations that stepped up right at the beginning of the pandemic to help the community. The response from these organisations, and from the other 25 “Local Covid Heroes” is something we should all be proud of. There are exciting plans being outlined for a distillery in Midfearn and also for Croick Church. We put our focus on mental and physical wellbeing in this edition: the central pages are a mental health resources detachable booklet, Lana Frost shares easy tips to improve our mood and sense of wellbeing, and if you want to follow through new year resolutions, why not join the Hub gym? In the second part of the Post Office history article, we will surely recognise some faces! We remember the Arctic Convoys, as Uisdean Vass recounts how it was to research his father’s wartime records. For a more climate conscious Christmas, check our list of gift ideas that can be bought locally, and the advice on how to recycle your unwanted Christmas decorations.

by Silvia Muras, Editor

Last Updated on 4 December, 2021 by Kyle Chronicle

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