Ardgay War Memorial Centenary celebrations

News from Royal British Legion Scotland, Creich and Kincardine with Lairg and Rogart Branch

After the First World War most communities raised memorials to their fallen friends and neighbours, the long lists of names on each memorial highlights the gaps left in many small communities. The 2020s will see these memorials reaching their centenary, although tragically it seems that the lessons of war, especially the human costs for the ordinary person in the street, have not been learnt.

This year Ardgay (Kincardine), Lairg and Rogart memorials will all be 100 years old, and there will be ceremonies in each place to mark this. Everybody will be welcome to all the events, especially those with family connections to people named on the memorials. The Rogart ceremony will be on Saturday 24th September, and that at Lairg on Friday 30th September.

The Ardgay (Kincardine) ceremony will take place in the afternoon of Monday 15th August, following the Gala weekend. The memorial was built by the residents of Ardgay and district, from public subscription, and was a community project underway before the RBLS was founded.

There will be a short service of remembrance at the War Memorial, followed by refreshments and a reminiscence session in Ardgay Public Hall. It is hoped that people will bring along items that have a family connection to war and a story that might interest others. As this year has also been designated “Scotland’s Year of Stories” it would be nice to have some new material to add to the excellent collection already compiled as part of the Heritage Society’s “Lest We Forget” project.

There is now a two-person rota for keeping Ardgay War Memorial clean and tidy, if you would like to join the rota for a once a month, or as necessary job please contact David Hannah on 766 061.

by Patricia Hannah

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