Bonar Bridge decorations for the Queen’s coronation in 1953

© Sarah Horne

Dad (Dr McGregor) decorated both the house and the garage with flags, bunting, and most exciting of all a Crown and Lion Rampant which lit up with coloured lights. It seemed absolutely magical to me aged seven who had never seen fairy lights before. I don’t think anyone had a TV in those days but there was a celebration which I assume fitted in with the Salmon Queen Week. There was a ‘queen’ who rode in a boat on the back of a lorry. I was very jealous as my brother Robert was dressed up in his kilt and got to ride with the Queen. The rest of the family watched the procession from the open window in the room above the Kyle Bakery. I got a new blue gingham skirt to wear with a red belt in honour of the royal occasion!

© Sarah Horne
By Sarah Horne

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