Coire na Cloiche Community Benefit

Ardgay & District Community Council is welcoming comments from residents and community organisations regarding the new Coire na Cloiche Community Benefit Fund.

In August 2020 Ardgay & District Community Council received its first share of community benefit from the Coire na Cloiche wind farm. The community benefit from this windfarm, which is near Beinn Tharsuinn on the Struie, is shared between Ardross, Edderton, Creich and Ardgay & District community councils, and will be given for the next 25 years.

Currently, community benefit from various wind farms is disbursed to groups and organisations in the community through a number of different applications processes (Beinn Tharsuinn, SSE Achany/E.On Rosehall, Beinn nan Oighgrean). Ardgay & District CC would like to propose that this continues with the new Coire na Cloiche fund but with one significant change.

Ardgay & District CC proposes to give access to this fund through an application process to allocate a fixed amount annually to those organisations within the Ardgay & District community which are responsible for maintaining fixed assets. These are the places within our community which we would wish to have a secure future. These organisations which have fixed costs each year and governance responsibilities would then have a regular, fixed, annual amount which would contribute to offsetting the various annual recurring costs which they have. The details of this are still to be decided. The CC would welcome the views of A&D CC residents on this proposal. If you represent a group or organisation and especially if you represent an organisation with responsibility for fixed assets then the CC would like to hear from you.

It is unfortunate that the opportunity to hold a public meeting about this is not currently available but if you wish to give the CC your views or you have questions please contact the CC by email at the CC mailbox,

by Marion Turner, Secretary A&D CC

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