Dare to be different!

Winner of the Create Highland Business Competition in May 2022 and the Young EDGE Award in December 2022, Ciara Bow’s Gledfield Distillery is set to create a botanical spirit, similar to gin but without the juniper berries. She shares with us the story of the project so far.

In my house in Gledfield, there is a really old, battered and marked antique oak table in the kitchen. It’s the heart of our home and the best conversations, usually had by women, are had around this table. I often wonder what stories it would tell if it. . .

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1 thought on “Dare to be different!”

  1. Ciara, what a very accomplished young lady. I àm so proud of you how far you have come on your journey at such a young age. You set yourself a challenging goal and definitely achieved it. I wait in awe to see where the next part of your journey takes you. I wish you the very best in your brilliant future.

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