Growing food in your garden

There has been a big upsurge in local people wanting to grow their own food during these uncertain times. There is still time to sow and plant out in June.

The weather, as always, had recently cycled through dramatic changes but hopefully conditions are good in June and if you have room, there is still time to sow and plant out. If you are running out of space in the ground, lots of crops can be grown in containers such as tubs, barrels and buckets. If you have children at home, most of them are fascinated by sowing and planting, do include them.

You can sow:

Basil, Cabbage, French Beans, Runner Beans, Cauliflower, Swede, Turnips, Lettuce and other Salad Leaves, Spinach, Parsley, Swiss Chard, Pak Choi, Carrots, Beetroot and Peas. Lots of vegetables are tastier and more tender when eaten small. Remember not to sow too many of the same thing at the same time unless you intend to preserve the crop.

You can plant out:

Previously grown or purchased plants that have been hardened off, such as:

Broccoli, Leeks, Celery, Squash, Courgettes, Sweet corn, Pumpkin, or any of those mentioned above if you have them growing already under cover or can buy them.

All your plants will need feeding, watering and weeding this month unless we have a lot of rain. If you can apply a mulch of organic material onto your soil when it is damp, this will help to conserve moisture. This can be peat, straw, garden compost or even grass clippings if they are not full of seeds. Pick off by hand any caterpillars you spot.

Under cover, don’t forget to tie in and feed your tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergine and any other tender plants on at least a weekly basis. In a warm spell they may need watering daily or more often.

If you have been too enthusiastic in growing seedlings this year and have a surplus, please try to find homes for them through social media of you have it. We had late frosts which will have caught some new gardeners out, so please help them if you can. Plant and seed swapping is a great thing to do. I do it all the time. Happy Gardening!

by Jean Richardson

Facebook: Kyle of Sutherland Growing Group

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