Highland Hedgehog, new animal rescue service in Brora

Hedgehogs in the Highlands have found new friends in Adrian and Nicky Knight who have created Highland Hedgehogs.

© Highland Hedgehog

With numbers on the decline the hedgehogs’ status was updated in June to Vulnerable to Extinction. These prickly little garden-dwellers have made it onto the Red List for British Mammals.

Nicky and Adrian have now had over 45 of the carnivorous little mammals taken to their croft for care and support. Adrian explained, “We’ve had everything from tiny hoglets under 100g, to adults with impact injures, and every size in between. A two day course has given us the skills to provide subcutaneous fluids, appropriate medication and treatments for a range of ailments.”

The couple have launched a crowdfunder campaign (you can donate here) to raise the funds needed to build and run a properly equipped facility for the hedgehogs.

“Our aim is always wild release,” explained Nicky. “If injured, ill or orphaned hedgehogs are to be prepared for going back to the wild, we need the right equipment, supplies and housing to do that.”

For those of us wanting to provide food, we should be putting out meat-based cat or dog food, and fresh water, never milk or mealworms. Highland Hedgehogs’ advice is that any hog under 600g found out during the day should be brought in for checks and support. On Facebook they are Highland Hedgehogs and can be reached on 07427644176.


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