History of the Ardgay-Bonar Pipe Band

The band was formed in the Drill Hall, Bonar Bridge, on the 24th July 1929 and it was active for over 81 years, participating in competitions, travelling overseas and even recording an LP. Ruby MacDonald gives us an extraordinary insight into its history.

The band that eventually became the Ardgay-Bonar Pipe Band was formed in July 1926. Previously, a group of pipers of the 4/5th Seaforth’s had got. . .

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4 thoughts on “History of the Ardgay-Bonar Pipe Band”

  1. An interesting article. Many thanks to Ruby! I knew most of them but not in the first photograph!

  2. Margaret Alice Beaton

    Good Afteroon. Today I had an email from Willie Matheson, of Ardgay’s widow, May. She wrote that they had music from the BBA at Willie’s Farewell in Perth. I have a few memories of the band as my chum and I used to go to the dances in Bonar and Ardgay in the early 70s. The later photo brings back a few names to memory and it is grand to see Murry Macleod mentioned.
    I enclose my email with y married name. I am Margaret A. MacKay from South Balkeith, Fendom, Tain

  3. Just discovered this page…….. I was head of programmes at Moray Firth Radio in the 1980’s and went to Austria with the band in 1987……… I made a radio documentary and took some photos…….. will try and upload a link to the documentary in the next few days……… happy memories……

    Part of the documentary won the biggest award in British radio….. a Sony award for the ‘Most creative use of radio’ It was for a visit to a nazi concentration camp. Anyone who knew the band will recognise some of the voices……. http://www.briananderson.me.uk/mauthausen.html

    Full documentary coming soon…..

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