Master Gardener

Release date (UK): 2023
 | Country: USA | 
Running time: 111 min | 
Genres: Drama Thriller | 
Director: Paul Schrader | 
Writer: Paul Schrader
 | Starring: Joel Edgerton, 
Sigourney Weaver. | BBFC 15

Master Gardener stars Joel Edgerton as Narvel Roth, a methodical horticulturalist who is forced to face his troubling past when he takes on a new apprentice, Maya. Paul Schrader, writer of Taxi Driver and an accomplished director in his own right, crafts a poetic character study here, creating a pertinent metaphor in Narvel’s character growth in the preening of his garden; signifying a return to the natural order.

Narvel. . .

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