Medieval Invershin

There are almost no traces left of Invershin Castle, which once stood in a strategic spot on the banks of the Kyle of Sutherland. It was built by Hugh de Moravia in the 12th century. A branch of this family, the forebears of the Sutherlands, settled at Dunrobin.

Invershin lies at the confluence of two rivers and a narrow fording site. There are the remains of a burial chamber, burnt mounds. . .

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1 thought on “Medieval Invershin”

  1. Malcolm Bangor-Jones

    Invershin was not part of the Sutherland Estate: it was part of the Skelbo Estate owned by the Sutherlands of Duffus – hence Duffus Castle. The Skelbo Estate was claimed by the Earl of Sutherland after Lord Duffus took part in the ’15 Rebellion but, owing to the vast debts secured against the lands, was sequestrated. It became part of the Sutherland estate in the 1780s.

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