My experience being a Sewing & Crafting tutor

Delivering courses for the lairg & district learning centre

Life has never been so busy once the pandemic hit. It was a huge learning curve to adapt classes and workshops to work digitally. Some worked amazingly and some were just not meant to be. I was surprised that this Scottish lass was not only teaching over zoom, but all over the world. I had folk from Canada, America and Dubai attending regularly. Sewing classes were very popular but sometimes frustrating for the student. We held a weekly crafty chat for the Social Enterprise students who used to attend the centre. It was a great way of keeping in touch with the people who were stuck indoors. It was also my piece of normality as I was used to talking to these people every week, and I missed them.

The Zentangle classes were the easiest to adapt as we just had to get the camera angles and the lighting right. We then launched Garment of the Month. Fast fashion is a huge bug bear of mine, so I wanted to show how easy making your own clothes was, and it has certainly taken off. Making your own clothes is a great way of expressing yourself and being unique, as no one else will have the same garment in the same fabric. My favourite thing is to pattern hack, make it unique by adding a pocket, making the sleeves shorter or taking them off completely.

In February we hope to organise a fashion show where participants who made their own clothes will join us to show off their creations, this will also be a great way to meet some of the students who I only know from online. I’m looking forward to being back at face to face classes. I can be contacted through email

by Jo Henderson

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