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The group continues sharing information on how to grow your own food, polytunnel building, permaculture, carbon footprint, how to reduce waste, and much more.

Well, it seems we have been rather busy over the past few months. No wonder time has been passing by so quickly. The Covid restrictions have been truly hard for many of us and will continue to create difficulties for some time. But, hopefully, we’re over this cold spring and we can look forward to spending more time outdoors, in our gardens, and enjoying our seas and hills. Who knows, perhaps we can look forward to restarting our Carbon Cafes! Read on to find out what’s been going on.

Our Polytunnels, The Good, The Bad and The… Difficult event was well attended and we now have a very active Polytunnel “Tech” group on Facebook. This is about sharing information topics such as: choice of manufacturer, build options like foundations and base options, skin options, layout, watering etc. We’re also forming a “build squad” so that we can all help with building each other’s tunnels to get them up more quickly. In particular, we’re looking for a squad to help with some heavy wheelbarrowing when we finish off the Gledfield School Tunnel in July. Can you help? Please get in touch.

Permaculture is another newly added info stream. Our talk on the 12th May was well oversubscribed and we had to extend ticket numbers a few times. We learned that knowledge and understanding of permaculture is quite varied and that there are many levels that can be considered when applying permaculture principles to our gardens, crofts and lives. This ranges from the truly immersive Permaculture Lifestyle to simply considering sustainable principles when growing food. We’ll be looking at some aspects in more detail soon.

The Highland Good Food Partnership is going from strenght to strength. The continuing subgroups include: A Bigging Up Small Farms Network; Highland Greenhouses; Community Growing; and Circular Economy and Waste. And, we now have four focus groups: Education and Training, Health and Well-being, Local Food Economy, and Community Resilience. Please do get in touch at if you would like to join in with any of the groups.

Community Food Growing

It doesn’t stop there, however. Look out for news of the Highlands Adapts and Growing Our Future work from the Highland Council, Climate Action Group.

Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It’s been mentioned in the past, but we are in discussion with various people regarding new talks and events to help us all reduce the waste we produce and benefit from building our community economies. Please do get in touch if you’d like to help out in this area, or want to be kept informed about the upcoming talks.

New Website

You may or may not have noticed that our web site has had a major overhaul. Hopefully information is more easily found. We have four main sections: Working Together, Food & Climate Change, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, and Nature. We also have a Resource Library and a discussion forum coming soon.

And finally, here are some Crazee / Lazee / Eazee ideas on how to have fun reducing our carbon footprints:

  • getting back to baking our own biscuits helps to reduce plastic & let’s face it, home made is much more tasty and healthier (well – less unhealthy….)
  • home made wine and beer reduces bottles, metal and plastic
  • getting out into the garden and growing our own food helps to reduce energy use and reduces plastic packaging
  • get refills from the Golspie Larder, Dornoch Stores and The Rusty Coo in Lairg – and enjoy a wee bit of lovely shopping too
  • clear out your small electricals and take them to the ILM Pink Bins in Bonar, Golspie and Dornoch.
  • join our discussion groups to share your Crazee / Lazee / Eazee ideas

Joining details are on our website, or contact Anna directly by email.

by Anna Patfield

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