Planning for a safe reopening

Ardgay hall gets ready to welcome regular user groups

A year ago, Kyle Chronicle reported that, due to Covid-19 regulations, Ardgay Hall had closed, and consequentially lost all self-generated income streams too. However, as the committee always maintains an emergency reserve, fortunately, it was financially sound. Today, the question is how best to describe the last year from the hall’s point of view? Closed but not inactive, seems most apt.

Although the building had to stay closed, eventually it became possible for maintenance work to be done. So, with an eye to reopening, the committee had a new hot water system installed to feed all the hand basins, plus new soap and paper towel dispenses fitted. Purchased two automatic hand-sanitiser machines for the entrance points and 150 new, padded vinyl chairs to replace the existing, difficult to clean, cloth covered ones.

The ongoing quest to reduce the building’s carbon footprint continued, with insulation being embedded into more of the exterior walls in the toilet areas, resulting in the total redecoration of the ladies toilet.

For a variety of reasons the repair of the car park wall has been delayed, but this too should be completed soon.

Behind the scenes the committee have also been busy, endeavouring to navigate Scottish Government guidance to a point where it is confident the hall can reopen safely; this is still a work in progress. But, a new booking form has been drawn up. Although this seems long and complicated it is hoped people understand it has had to be so, to comply with all the new rules. Now, with the prospect of reopening this autumn so tantalisingly close, this form will be circulated to all the regular user groups for them to indicate their interest in re-establishing their bookings, once a reopening date is confirmed.

However, the biggest and most urgent obstacle to reopening is the lack of hall committee members. If each user group cannot elect a representative to sit on the committee or more volunteers from the wider community do not come forward, the 2021 AGM may see the hall remain close for lack of a management team. Do you want that?

by Rhonwen Copley, Secretary & Treasurer

Last Updated on 10 June, 2021 by Kyle Chronicle

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