Slowly and gradually, many common activities we took for granted only five months ago are resuming

Gradually -and hopefully as safe as possible- activities that only five months ago we took for granted are resuming. We are seeing the reopening of The Hub and other cafés, pubs and restaurants, with social distancing measures in place, or operating as a takeaway. In the Kids’ Chronicle pages we can read children’s thoughts on going back to school and see how things are a bit different for them now. Churches are also resuming services and opening their buildings, you can read all about it in this edition. In the Heritage section you will find a well-known story -the stranded whales- narrated in detail by the zoologist in charge of studying the carcasses. The Scottish Rosswell? tells us about a mystery wreck in the area during the Cold War. We dig in the history of forestry and remember an extinct event, The hoeing match: farming made into a competition. Sadly its author W.A.M. MacKenzie passed away a few weeks ago. This summer we worked together on a second edition of his memories Where’s home? He will be missed.

by Silvia Muras, Editor

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