Why research your family history?

Lairg & District Learning Centre launches new Family History course

Researching your family history can be an exciting, frustrating and surprising pastime. You can preserve your family story, understand yourself and your roots better and bring your family together. As we lose family members our history can begin to fade, act now to preserve yours and pass it down for generations to come.

Lairg & District Learning Centre are delivering two 4 week blocks of Family History for Beginners in April & May. The first block will get you started on researching your family tree. If you have no experience of using the Internet to find your past, then this is a good place to begin. In the second block of four weeks you will be able to build on those foundations, suitable for people who have a little experience of genealogy research, but who would like to expand their skills and understanding.

Our tutor, Christina’s, great great great grandfather was evicted in the 1790s to the clearance township of Badbea in Caithness. As well as digging up her Highland roots she has also traced her Portuguese Jewish ancestry back to the Spanish Inquisition. She has found one ancestor who signed the white five pound notes on behalf of the Bank of England. Another revelation was that her great grandfather from Helmsdale was not only highly skilled in his profession as a bootmaker, but was also in demand for undertaking minor surgery. She is keen to stress that this is all possible on a shoestring budget.

You never know what you’ll uncover when you start to look into your own family history! For more information about the course email admin@lairglearningcentre.org.uk.

By Rhionna Mackay

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