Bonar Bridge Post Office temporary relocation

The service will be operating from the Crannag bistro

The refurbished premises will be opening in November.

As mentioned in the last edition of the Kyle Chronicle there is going to be some major renovation work undertaken at Bonar Bridge Post Office this summer. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to raise funding, and to work with the Postmaster, Post Office Ltd, and Royal Mail to ensure that the refurbishment, and the service, can proceed with as little disruption to the community as possible.

We can now announce that the Post Office will be closed for refurbishment from Tuesday the 22nd of June and a temporary service will be opening in the Crannag Bistro on Friday the 25th of June. The Post Office service will continue to operate out of the Crannag until the refurbished premises reopens in November.

Kathy Smith from The Crannag said: “The community can do without a restaurant but can’t do without the Post Office. We are closing the bistro to support the community in having access to these essential services, but will be opening again in December.”


Last Updated on 10 June, 2021 by Kyle Chronicle

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