Covid volunteers awards

An award ceremony celebrated 25 individuals and 7 organisations in the Kyle of Sutherland and Lairg for their outstanding response during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

From left to right, representing their organisations: Julia Campbell & Elissa Stevenson (Invershin Hall), Beverley Hill & Beth Simco (KoSDT), Liz Cormack & Anne Henderson (Culrain Hall), Kirstin Langlois & Robert Johnstone (L&DCI), Lorraine Askew & Lippy Ross (Bradbury Centre), Christine Ross (Sutherland Friendly Call,VGS ), Fiona Morrison (SSE), Ashley Smith & Sharon Charlton (Rosehall Village Help Group).

‘The Kyle of Sutherland and Lairg Volunteer Awards’ was organised by SSE Renewables, in partnership with Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust, Lairg & District Community Initiatives and Voluntary Groups Sutherland.

SSE Renewables’ Community Fund Manager, Fiona Morrison, said: “The awards are an opportunity to thank volunteers from across the three community council areas of Ardgay & District, Creich and Lairg who responded immediately to the Covid-19 emergency from March 2020. These individuals helped people in different local communities with everything from picking up prescriptions, to making and delivering hot meals and bringing them shopping. Sometimes they were there just available to have a blether, but without the volunteers and support from these organisations, many people living in these communities would have really struggled to get through lockdown.”

MSP for Caithness, Sutherland & Ross, Maree Todd, congratulated the finalists and the local organisations that provided support. She said: “The past two years has been a difficult time for a lot of people and that is why it is so heartening and humbling to see these organisations and those volunteering selflessly putting others before themselves during the pandemic. I am very impressed by the level of kindness and generosity that these people have shown their friends and neighbours.”

Local councillor for North, West & Central Sutherland, Linda Munro, said: “It is so touching to see these community organisations pulling together and helping people in need in what has been a unique and challenging time of adversity. I’m glad that we’re taking the opportunity to recognise their good work and to celebrate their worthwhile efforts.”

David Watson, Vice Chair of the Kyle of Sutherland Locality Group said: “When the pandemic first impacted on our communities in March 2020 it was a really anxious time as we struggled to come to terms with an unknown threat to our way of life. At this time, we were all encouraged to stay apart and isolate ourselves. However, many local residents wanted to help the more vulnerable and isolated, and support others in any way they could. This is the sign of a strong and reliant community, and I am really happy to see these selfless individuals getting recognition for their contribution during such a challenging time”

Local Covid heroes

Kyle of Sutherland:
Tracey Smith
Steven O’Donnell
Elissa Stevenson
Tommy Agnew
Wilma Campbell
Mandy Freer
Tim Freer
Marieke Hedwig
Anne Henderson
Peter Orrell
Liz Maclean
Stephanie Campbell
Andy Mair
Michael Shaw
Stephanie Steele
Alison Agnew
Annette Parrott
Catrina Cameron
Norman Mcleod
Sanaa Mcleod
Carl Porter
Rachel Porter
Kaye Hurrion
Sandy Sutherland
Angela Sutherland
Bradbury Centre
Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust
Lairg & District Community Initiatives
Rosehall Village Help Group
Invershin Hall
Culrain & District Hall
Sutherland Friends Call (VGS)

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