Croick Church trees cleared

The tree felling at Croick church is now complete. Removing these old trees was deemed necessary as they were a threat to this historic building.

AFTER: Only three trees remain in the churchyard. © Gregor Laing
BEFORE: Image taken in 2018, the Telford church was barely visible behind the trees. © Gregor Laing
Croick Church circa 1900.

We are delighted to see work has been completed on removing the huge trees that were hiding Croick Church from view and threatening to damage the building should the wind break branches. The stumps that are left reveal how large the trunks were. Thanks to Duncan Wemyss and his crew who have done this sensitively and left the two trees at the gate which makes a lovely archway to the entrance to the old graveyard. There is another at the corner so the place has not been left completely without trees. Apart from these trees it must now look very like how it did when the folk from Glen Calvie sheltered there by the dyke so many years ago.

For many years the church building has been left open for visitors to access at any time. That has happened for so long that the original key is missing but now it has to kept locked. We very much regret having to do this but the current Covid guidelines make it necessary.

Every year we celebrate Communion on the second Sunday in August and this year we decided to hold this outside as the building is still closed for worship. The day, fortunately, could not have been better. The sun shone, it was lovely and warm and the wind kept the midges away. With the trees gone, we were able to enjoy the views of the hills around and really appreciate the beauty of this area. It was very special to meet with friends to worship for the first time for so many months and to share in this special service, made even more special because of the history of the church. To be outside, just as were those who had been evicted, gave it a different feel and one which, I am sure, will always stay with those who were there.


We look forward to the future when we can worship safely together, perhaps in other places as well as in church buildings. The doors of our buildings may be closed at the moment but God’s love is all around us and the church is still here in the community for everyone. It has been so good to see how people have responded to the needs of others and our thanks go out to all who have worked so hard over the past months and will no doubt continue their service in the future. This is, indeed, love in action.

While the buildings are very special for those that feel at home there, the church is not the buildings but the people. Buildings are not the only places where we can join together in fellowship with each other and for worship too. Over the past months many ways have been developed to bring people together and we need never feel far from them or from God. If you would like to be part of the developments that are taking place please get in touch and tell us what would be of help for you to feel part of the church here. We hope that you may have found the Pause, Ponder and (perhaps) Pray reflections in the Ardgay Church carpark useful and would be pleased to have your comments.

In the meantime, I hope all is well with you and yours. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as each day brings us all new challenges and I wish you every blessing as we meet these together as a community.

by Rev Mary Stobo, Session Clerk, Kincardine, Croick & Edderton Church

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  1. Please would you explain WHY due to Covid the church has to remain “locked”. There was never anyone else there when I visited. I have been several times.
    Please would you explain.

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