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We’ve had some lovely autumn days of sunshine, but also one of the wettest days in Ardgay for a while – which caused the roads to flood and the paths in the Gearrchoille to flow like streams in places.

Volunteers working on the boardwalk. © Gearrchoillle Community Wood
We enjoyed many crisp, sunny days in Autumn. © Gearrchoille Community Wood
We meet on the 1st Thursday of each month, 2-4 pm. © Gearrchoille Community Wood

Whilst we took advantage of the autumn sun to extend (yet again!) the boardwalk, the rain encouraged us to clear out the drains running alongside the paths. Maintaining social distancing might be easy whilst doing this, but the digging is quite hard work, so thanks to all, particularly our new volunteers. With the winter sun being so low in the sky and leaves off the trees it’s arguably the best time to see the lichens and mosses on the trunks of the oak trees, particularly after a shower of rain which really brings out their colours. The large numbers of acorns produced this year will be welcomed by squirrels locally, and jays too whose range has been increasing northwards as a result of climate change. Jays do an excellent job of planting acorns – it has been estimated that a single bird can stash up to 5,000 acorns, not all of which will be eaten. Many will be left to germinate.

We recently held our AGM via Zoom. In addition to the required items, this is a chance for members to bring forward ideas about what they would like to see happening in the wood. There was general agreement that we would like to see a return of the winter lights in the wood – hopefully by now there will be a small display around the shelter, and we would like to work with other local groups to put on a ‘Winter Woodland’ event next year.

Here you can download a membership form which now includes bank details to allow you to pay online. The form can either be returned to one of the directors or details can be sent by email  –or bring your form along to our next volunteer afternoon which are held first Thursday of each month 2-4pm. Meet at shelter. Facebook: Gearrchoille Community Wood

By Betty Wright


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