Growing support for environmental group Planet Sutherland

The group aims to help people across Sutherland to do more to protect the planet.

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I feel both sad and happy that Planet Sutherland is growing in strength. It is sad, of course, because it would be better if the discussions were not necessary. But, it is great that more of us are starting to make those tiny (and larger) changes that will help to save the planet. Please do get in touch if you wish to join us – perhaps you have a project idea of your own?

All the project and event information is posted on the website or please do get in touch  or join our active Facebook group or google email group.

Carbon Cafes

These are gatherings in cafés, pubs, homes and halls where folks get together and share their concerns and knowledge with each other. Everyone leaves happier, knowing that they can make one tiny change in life, or perhaps become enthused to start working on local projects. Carbon Cafés are now running in Ardgay, Golspie, Lairg and Rosehall. If you would like to start a group in your area, please do get in touch. All are welcome.

Business Initiatives

Here, we have been beavering away finding out what is going on in the Highlands, building business connections and looking at the best ways to initiate change. We can all save the planet whilst saving money and boosting efficiency. Please do get in touch if you would like to take part or help out here, or to take part in our business survey.


Apple Tree project update: we have now purchased trees for the Ardgay area and will be planting in February. Of course, this can be spread out to more areas with more volunteer help.

Crisp Packet Recycling

This project is starting in Golspie, but will soon spread to many areas. We are presently looking for a Sutherland wide charity that could benefit from the money we could acquire here.


There are various projects on the go here, including resurrecting the Lairg school polytunnel. We are also working closely with the Lairg Learning Centre and the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust to develop the best strategies and training opportunities, and will, of course, be promoting food grown by all the local farms and crofts.

Farm / Croft Plastic

Are you a farmer or crofter who has difficulty with plastic recycling? Rhetorical question! A project has been started looking at various efficient and cost effective solutions. However, please do let us know if you are already working on this issue or already have a perfect solution.

Film & Discussion evenings

We had our first film & discussion evening on the 3rd December in Bonar Bridge Hall. The group presented a film called The Climate Race with the opportunity to discuss the film with the director via video-conference. 
Many thanks of course to everyone who has helped us on our journey including the Lairg Learning Centre, Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust, the Business Gateway, the Community Councils and all the many individuals and local groups.

by Anna Patfield


Facebook: Planet Sutherland

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