Here’s to 2021!

We are now in December and reaching the end of a year that no one will ever forget. The interesting thing is that a year that should have passed slowly has disappeared before our eyes. In many ways this is a good thing as I’m sure few of us will remember 2020 fondly.

Although we now have the fantastic news that vaccines will soon be ready to be rolled out, we also face the reality that no matter how quickly this comes, we will still face a challenging few months as we navigate ourselves through the cold and dark nights of a Highland winter with social distancing guidelines still in place.

These past few months have taken a considerable toll on many people within our community. Isolation, which was already more prevalent here than in many other areas, has increased considerably. The impact that restricted trading has had on our businesses and services will mean that many more people will be facing financial issues than before. And the lack of support and the constant stream of bad news on the TV and on social media has had an increasingly negative impact on those who suffer from poor mental health.

Therefore, it is really important that we pull together as a community during the winter in the same way that we did so magnificently in March and right through the lockdown. Look out for those who may be isolated, be kind to those less fortunate than you, and most importantly don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Have a good Christmas everybody and let’s hope that 2021 is a year that we will remember for all the right reasons!

by David Watson, Kyle of Sutherland  Development Trust Manager

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