Pond works and new seat

Gearrchoille Wood has seen lots of activity, with volunteer afternoons resuming in July.

Pond works
New bench.
Nest box.

Despite the constraints of the lockdown over the past few months – or perhaps because of it – Gearrchoille wood has seen plenty of activity with plenty of regular walkers and a return in July of our regular volunteer afternoons. With plenty of room to social distance we donned our waders and spent a warm afternoon removing the grass spreading across the pond along with plenty of mud caught in its roots. More mud wrangling the following month when we tackled emptying the sediment trap which was dug a couple of years ago. This has worked well but will continue to need emptying every year or so. Hopefully with this management regime the pond will retain a good mix of plantlife and open water and so continue to be attractive to lots of wildlife.

We have a new seat at the pond! Big thanks to Frank for crafting this out of a slice of elm. I hope you enjoy having a wee rest on it – do let us know if you spot any dragonflies over the pond.

Before the lockdown our bird monitor, Liam, took me on a tour of the nest boxes that had been put up at various times over the years. We counted over 50! A lot were in poor condition and we had hoped to start a project locally to make replacements, but this will have to wait now till next spring. We did manage to put up three new owl boxes, but as they were rather late in the season only one was occupied and sadly this did not result in any fledglings.

We hope to be able to hold our AGM in the autumn – details will be sent to members and go on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, please renew your annual subscription or pick up a membership form from the shelter in the wood and support our work by becoming a member. Thank you.

by Betty Wright

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