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#buildbackbetter and #justransition are keywords being used in the climate and environmental arenas to help us all consider what we can do to benefit from the present situations that we’re all struggling through.


#buildbackbetter it’s a hard concept to grasp, with so many worried about their jobs, their mortgages, their businesses and indeed the ongoing threat of the pandemic. Without doubt, we are mostly not capable of dealing with multiple crises. We are driven to focus on what’s here and now. Taking a step back, taking a breath and considering new routes isn’t foremost on our minds.

However, we know too that during the lockdown, many of us have actually enjoyed the slower pace of life, at least to some extent. And many have learned to enjoy the pleasure and excitement that comes from growing our own food.

Despite the difficulties, we’ve been beavering away, trying to determine the best approach to reducing Sutherland’s carbon footprint. If you’d like to take part in any of this, please get in touch by phone 07906173993 or email: /

Charity Status:

We are delighted to let you know that Planet Sutherland is now formally a charity (SCIO SCO50376).

Gledfield PS Polytunnel:

We received funding from Anne Duchess of Westminster’s Charity to enable the installation of a polytunnel in the primary school. We’re hoping to build this at the end September / beginning October, depending on delivery and Covid restrictions. If you’re interested in helping with maintenance or learning how to build a polytunnel, please get in touch.

Farm Plastic Recycling:

Via the SAGES initiative, we’ve managed to progress with this issue and the report outlining volumes and solutions will be published soon. The next stage will be to set up a pilot project.

Carbon Cafes:

With Covid restrictions continuing, it’s really difficult to get our cafes restarted. These gatherings are a great way to share our worries and help us all cope better with the Climate Crisis. We’re looking at various options here including mini cafes, training courses on how to run cafés, understanding climate change, and what actions we can take. Please do get in touch if you’d like to get this going in your area.


If you’re interested in growing fruit and finding out about the lastest research, you can find information on our website from the week long Hutton Institute training event. We’re also looking at the possibilities of setting up local food networks to make it easier to purchase from our local producers.

In the mean time what can we do?

  • Are you able to switch to a green energy supplier?
  • How about Switch Off Sundays, no computer or social media time.
  • Reduce plastic by eating savoury biscuits instead of crisps
  • Grow our own food, not too late to get some autumn and winter seeds growing.
  • Join us on Facebook, Twitter or our Gmail email group to chat about the issues and share your ideas.

We’re a welcoming, collaborative, dynamic and fun group, so whether you’re an individual or an organisation wanting to, or already working on, improving the environment, please do join us and let’s chat about how we can all move forward together to a more sustainable and resilient future.

by Anna Patfield

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