The changing seasons brings the promise of new life as nature follows the way it was designed to be

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As I write this the tail end of storm Dennis has just passed over but rain and wind still predominate the weather forecast. I’m very thankful that there has been less damage done in this area than in other places throughout Scotland and across the border. Most folk around here may not have suffered too much from the weather but other things that life has thrown at some of us has been hard to bear. On the bright side the snowdrops are out, actually beginning to fade as the promise of the golden glow of daffodils is on the way. So much to come is still hidden from sight. Most plants are dormant but the roots are busy; underground networks carrying complex nourishment to encourage growth. The changing season brings the promise of new life as nature follows the way it was designed to be.

Around now is the time that the clocks change. Spring is in the air with (we hope) the change in the weather and nature blossoming around us it’s a time to look forward. Looking back with the gloomy days of winter behind us there may have been times when life seemed as stormy as the weather. There’s no guarantee that the sun is suddenly going to shine nor that turbulent events in life will not come along. 
Soon it will be Easter when Christians remember the events of the last few days of the life of Jesus.

His message about how much God loves each person, especially those who are hurting or vulnerable in some way, gave the promise of a better future. His faithfulness to life as God wants it to be lived and encouragement to others to do the same led to his death on the Cross. His closest friends didn’t understand this was not the end and were devastated, afraid of what the future held for them. Then Jesus rose from the tomb. That changed them into the faithful folk who spread the story, gave them what they needed to carry on living in faith. The new chapter began in the story that continues in our lives today.

Although unseen, God is at work among us, rooting us in goodness, longing to nurture and bring support in our life story, no matter what comes our way. Jesus promises that following him will bring a new way of living and we can blossom into the people we are designed to be.

by Mary Stobo, Community Chaplain


Kyle of Sutherland Churches website KCE: Mary Stobo 
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Bonar Bridge & Lairg Free Church website 

Elder: John Mann 
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Kyle of Sutherland Churches

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Scottish Episcopalian Church

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St Andrew’s, Tain Sunday – 11am

St Finbarr’s, Dornoch Sunday – 11am

St Maelrubha’s, Lairg at Lairg Church of Scotland 8:15am on 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of each month

Other regular Services

Ardgay @ Hollybank 10:30am 2nd Tuesday of each month

Christians @ THE HUB 5:30 pm 
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St Trolla’s @ the Crask Inn
 Third Thursday of each month at noon.

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 / 10th – Bonar 11.00, Lairg 6.30 / 
17th – Lairg 11.00, Bonar 6.30 / 
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7th – Lairg 11.00, Lairg 6.30 / 
14th – Bonar 11.00, Lairg 6.30

Prayer Meetings

Wednesdays (all at 7.30 pm)


18th – Bonar Bridge, 
25th – Bonar Bridge


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15th – Bonar Bridge, 22nd – Bonar. 
29th – Lairg


6th – Lairg, 13th – Lairg, 
20th – Bonar Bridge, 27th – Bonar Bridge


3rd – Lairg, 10th – Lairg

Catholic Church

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Tain, St Vincent de Paul: 10 am

Brora, Christ the King: 11 am

Dornoch, H, St Finbarr’s: 4 pm

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