The Caledonian Curry Company hands over to Jade Garden

More changes on South Bonar Estate in 2020, as the Caledonian Curry Company hands its commercial kitchen over to Jade Garden, a new Chinese Takeaway facility.

The Caledonian Curry Company has produced a range of acclaimed ready meals, chilli sauces and relishes for over 23 years from Unit 2. During that time, the company won many awards for its gluten, additive and colouring free meat and vegan products.
Known locally as the Curryman fae Wick, Ian Smith with his wife Kathy promoted the wonderful ingredients to be found in the far north by attending Farmers’ Markets in Edinburgh. . .

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1 thought on “The Caledonian Curry Company hands over to Jade Garden”

  1. Ian and Kathy were my neighbours in Bonar Bridge when I was a minister there. Wondering how they were getting on, I googled the Caledonian Curry Company. Delighted that from a small beginning, the company has gone from strength to strength and that Ian is apparently enjoying a well deserved retirement. Alex S.

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