The dyke at Croick

poem By Dave Goulder

The dyke at Croick

Two faced; guardian of the auld kirk

whose gravestones punctuate the smooth

squared ring of grey quartzite.

Stoically neutral in troubled times, a refuge, aye,

and shelter too for the cleared ground breakers

from the glens. Immune

to pious words; rejecting music.

Indifferent to praise or scorn

it is still a home

to wild things that peer

from carefully constructed gaps.


But not all wild things are friendly. Some

can be treacherous.

The seeming innocent acorn, the slow root and creeping ivy

will ultimately bring down the unwitting host.

Rabbits and gravity together

will change things.

Cows have no respect.

But even broken, the wall still

has work to do;

“I was put here for a purpose.

I will outlive you.”

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