The importance of “doing something”

So, where are you on your climate change journey? Are you fed up hearing about it? Do you think it’s all a con? Are you depressed that too little is happening? Are you frozen into inaction, not knowing where to start?

It’s a truly tricky problem and it’s affecting us all differently. No matter what we do, we seem to end up simply facing another problem!

Dealing with the climate change story is likened to dealing with grief. We jump about between denial, anger, frustration, depression and inaction: all very negative emotions. It’s only when we manage to see some light that we can start to actually feel better. Ironically too though, sometimes we can’t see that light until we actually do something. And, we can’t really be bothered doing something because, well, what’s the point? How can we make any impact ourselves when big business and governments simply aren’t doing enough?

Here’s a little secret. Doing something, taking one step, making one change – no matter how small – actually helps us to feel better.

And what’s more, the first step is very easy. Simply start talking about climate change. Speak with family, friends, colleagues and community groups. We know that a problem shared is a problem halved. Can’t you just feel the relief? Conversations lead to all sorts of fun things, from polytunnels to planting orchards, from sharing meals to sharing seeds, from trying out e-bikes to shopping locally, the list goes on.

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Here’s wishing everyone a fun Eco-Christmas and then let’s make 2022 truly great, working together to help Sutherland reach net-zero.

by Anna Patfield

Last Updated on 4 December, 2021 by Kyle Chronicle

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