Winter wellbeing with Lairg & District Learning Centre

There’s no denying that it’s been a tough year and with darker nights and colder weather December through to April can be a difficult time for many people.

To help people cope with this we’ve put together a Winter Wellbeing project. Running from January until April 2021 we will have online classes, workshops and campaigns relating to health and wellbeing. We’ll help you with your mental health, physical wellbeing and mindset while supporting you to stay connected through online learning and social opportunities.

We’ve applied for funding to allow us to subsidise most of our wellbeing classes and if successful most of the Winter Wellbeing classes and workshops will be available for free or at a low cost.

Tips for improving your mental well-being:

  • Spend time in nature – go for a walk, cycle or drive somewhere and sit outside.
  • Create a routine – get up, have a cup of tea, get showered.
  • Journal or write – write down what you are grateful for.
  • Cook and eat nutritious food – are you eating properly? Are you getting your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables?
  • Speak to a friend or family member – on the phone, over Zoom or in person if you can.
  • Do your favourite things – whether that’s watching a movie, making your own Christmas cards, reading a book or something else.
  • Give yourself time to rest.

We know that online learning isn’t accessible to everyone but if you want to join us and don’t know how to then get in touch – we can help you with learning to get online and if you don’t have a digital device or access to the internet then we may be able to help with that too.

Email, if you can’t email then call the office on 01549 402050 but as all staff are working from home it’ll take a bit longer for us to pick up your message and get back in touch.

by Rhionna Mackay, Lairg & District Learning Centre Manager

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